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JAWS-UG SRE divison

November 2021, the JAWS-UG SRE division was born🎉

I organize this community! Also, I did a lightning talk at this event🙃🙃🙃

If you are interested in AWS or SRE, please check it out(below the user group official page)

URL:official page

At that time, I spoke on the topic of "How Weblio is incorporating AWS in the 0→1 phase of SRE." Click here for YouTube😇😇😇

Please look forward to our user group's future activities👍.


Introduced me

Hi, guys! I'm paprika-mah!

I'm a software engineer, 31 and Japanese. Please call me paprika, or else! This is my nickname used in my activity on the Internet. The nickname has inspired by an idea from my favorite novel.

I'm currently working as an SREs and a part-time student majoring in a Bachelor of Computer Science. In my private, fostering an AWS-related community, JAWS-UG SRE div. and AWS Community Builders.

I am good at AWS-based Infra and JavaScript-based web development. If you like DevOps, Serverless, and AWS, let's talk.

Please CHEER for me.🎃🎃🎃


I love AWS


2 certifications(🍎Solution Architect Professional / 🍏DevOps Engineer Professional) & OVER 5 years of work experience.


Current main language's React/TypeScript! I Love Storybook driven development🎃


I think any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript


I was once a Ruby programmer. Currently, I rarely use Rails😢


My first project was windows native app(with IIS+Citrix Xen App). Nostalgic....


Natural Language Processing is my favourite previous work...!


Recently, I've also been operating a web application written in SpringBoot.


My expert fields; Docker, Terraform, Datadog, GitHub Actions, and so on...! I've also some experience on-premise infrastructure, so FortiNet, VMWare, etc.!


My certification history

Oct. 2012
EIKEN Grade2.
Jan. 2015
The Official Business Skill Test in Bookkeeping 3nd Grade
Jun. 2016
Fundamental Information Technology Engineer Examination
Mar. 2017
Oracle Master Bronze Oracle Database 12c
Apr. 2017
CompTIA Network+
Apr. 2017
LPIC level1
May 2017
Oracle Certified Java Programmer, Silver SE8
Sep. 2017
Python3 engineer certification
Mar. 2018
HTML5 Professional Certification Level.1(Ver2.0)
Jan. 2019
CompTIA Project+
Feb. 2019
AWS Solution Architect Professional
Aug. 2019
AWS DevOps Engineer Professional
Mar. 2021
Duolingo English Exam(Score:115)


my activity


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Please don't hesitate to send me messages :)